ES Berry Law is prepared to help you tackle residential & commercial real estate transactions and disputes arising from the past, present and future transactions. Whether you are purchasing, leasing, or selling property, a thorough drafting and review process is essential to avoid complications. To small and medium-sized properties, we provide legal services regarding property interests and property disputes, including lease negotiations, breach of contract, liens, property management contracts, dispute resolutions, and purchase and sales. Our team identifies risks associated with your real estate investments, protects those risks, and aims to produce the most desirable outcome for your unique situation. In particular, we emphasize on these following services:

1. Residential & Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transaction

2. Real Estate Foreclosure- Residential Only

3. Residential & Commercial Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution

4. Neighbor Dispute Resolution- Residential Only

5. Real Estate Broker-Agent-Seller-Buyer Dispute Resolution