The business and real estate world can be very complex, and often, many business and real estate owners are vulnerable to disputes, despite their ordinary course. These disputes often grow rapidly and out of your control, threatening the viability of your control. At ES Berry Law, we are here to assist in navigating your unique legal situation, primarily regarding business and real estate matters. Although various circumstances may call for the commencement of lawsuits, filing complaints is not always necessary to resolve disputes. We examine our client matters on a case-by-case basis to discern to either take the case to trial or arbitration, or to obtain the maximum satisfactory settlements, in a cost effective manner.

  1.  Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution

  2.  Neighbor Dispute Resolution

  3.  Real Estate Broker/Agent/Seller/Buyer Dispute Resolution

  4.  Commercial Litigation for Breach of Contracts

  5.  Creditor-Debtor Dispute Resolution

    1. Discovery of Assets

    2. Judgment Collection (Garnishment, Personal Property, Real Property & others)

6.  Employment Litigation (Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay, and Discrimination)