Venture Together!

ES BERRY LAW practices start-up/emerging business law, real estate law, and civil litigation for individuals and  businesses in the greater Seattle area.  We uniquely approach law with our practical insights and experiences in real business world.  We also adopt a collaborative practice model with other attorneys to increase our clients’ success during our engagement.

We believe that three areas of our law practice are often related to each other.  We share only a few examples of such realtions below:

  • Real Estate Law and Civil Litigation:  After you purchase a residential property, you might have a reasonable claim against a real estate broker or a seller.
  • Business Law and Real Estate Law:  When you run a retail business, you might want to negotiate a commercial lease with your landlord to manage the first party’s property damage and the third party liability effectively.
  • Business Law and Civil Litigation:  After you lend money to another business as a creditor, you might need to seek pre-judgment, judgment, and post-judgment remedies against your debtor.
  • Civil Litigation, Business Law, and Real Estate Law:  When you enter disputes with your business partners in a real estate or business venture, you are likely to consider both business and real estate law.